Once again, for those who may ever have wondered why Maine has ‘Summer People’ not ‘Spring People’, I present the answer.  It’s the middle of April, for crying out loud.  Even with our lowered Spring expectations, this is cruel.

Ice Pellets41 °F
Ice Pellets

100% chance of precipitation
Ice Pellets34 °F
Ice Pellets

100% chance of precipitation
Ice Pellets45 | 28 °F
Ice Pellets

40% chance of precipitation
Chance of Snow41 | 28 °F
Chance of Snow

40% chance of precipitation
Mostly Cloudy50 | 37 °F
Mostly Cloudy
Chance of Rain54 | 39 °F
Chance of Rain

50% chance of precipitation
Ever wonder why Yankees are dour?  Wonder no longer.  Apparently April is the New March up here.
In other news, the Maine lobster branding thing sometimes goes beyond the t-shirts and key chains.  these were spotted in a local grocery store.  Yuck. The ‘Lobster Tracks’ ice cream can be found in another aisle.  Since when is 1/2 cup a single serving of ice cream?  Puhleeze.  When was the last time you saw a 1/2 cup carton of ice cream?