I rarely answer that question in the affirmative—there is just so danged much that I don’t know.  For example, an ever informed friend of widespread interests  sent these photographs of a recently redecorated French commuter train, asking “Do you know this?”, and indeed the answer was ‘No—but Wow’

I’ve no doubt that all my design savvy readers and everyone else in the blogosphere already knew, but it had escaped me, and I’m enchanted at the juxtaposition.  How could anyone be bored or tired on this commute?  Take note, Amtrak, take note.
PS:  Speaking of those many things I don’t know, it does little good even when I do know things.  For example, even though other friends had informed me ages ago that the recent anonymous ‘Property of a Lady’ sale at Stair Galleries in Hudson NY was actually the property of Brooke Astor, it never occurred to my summer-addled brain to mention it—until of course I read it in another blog, weeks later.  Oh well, you don’t come to me for current events, I suspect.  Besides, I was far more interested in session 2 on Sautrday,  the contents of the late decorator Keith Irvine’s house in Carmel New York.  Many of the items were more to my taste—wonderful neo-classical sculpture and bas relief galore.  The always delightful Mr. Irvine was a sometimes visitor to the Dilettante’s shop, and in fact, when I last saw the dining room of that house published, it contained a set of grain painted chairs purchased from me.  For the catalog and sales results of the Astor/Irvine auctions, click HERE.

Meanwhile, back on the train: