Life has been uphill this summer—-tightly scheduled, hot and muggy, and played out against an unenthusiastic economy.   However, one occasionally steals a moment here or there—an hour spent with cousins too seldom seen, mussels with bright amusing friends, likewise too seldom seen (have I remembered to send a thank-you note?  Is September too late?).   This weekend, was especially crowded with people and events, but one was able to steal a happy hour from packing for an Antiques show to visit with a cousin too seldom seen, and then, in the evening, dinner with friends also too seldom seen, up for the week.
I’ll soon be back to posting about antiques, architecture and the usual subjects, honest, and if DPC is still speaking to me, I’ll finish four pieces I’ve been working on for him.   In the meantime, three of the nicer minutes of my weekend—for which I had to pay by working Sunday to catch up.  No fun goes unpunished up in the Puritan air of eastern Maine: 
  Here is the Dilettante having sunset swim with friends before dinner, a fog bank rolling in  to take off the heat of the day—Thanks Wendell, dinner was delicious!
And here is the Dilettante having a glass of wine with another friend, admiring her lovely late summer garden and watching boats go by, after both of us spent a twelve hour day working at an Antiques show for benefit of a museum whose boards both sit on.  The shadows are growing longer….
Back soon, with the usual tales.  In the meantime, a preview of things on my mind:
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See you soon.