The Dilettante is completely flattened by projects at the moment, leaving  no time to blog, and I probably miss all of you more than you miss me, as I thrive on feedback (as the guy said, I don’t care what you say about me as long as you say something).  I am happy to report, however, that so far this summer there have been no exploding cars, although the heat, with barely any rain, has been almost unbearable, reducing the lawn to dust, and the Dilettante to a sweaty puddle (am I supposed to say ‘sweat’?  It seems so non-u).

Pictured below is a house in Castine, Maine, designed by fashionable architect William Lawrence Bottomley for Miss E.K. Branch,  a banking heiress from Richmond Virginia,  related to writers James Branch Cabell and Ellen Glasgow (who herself summered in Castine).  For my article about this fascinating house, in the current of issue of Portland Monthly, please click HERE.

There have been a few interesting developments in Dilettante Land.  Bloomberg News wanted to take my picture for an article in which I’ll be quoted, but the photographer didn’t show up.   Guess he was busy photographing the Mayor’s new house in Southampton.  Just as well.  One is not completely fond of being photographed.

 In addition,  I’ll be back soon with a major announcement (fingers crossed), or at least some interesting gossip.   Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s hot, it’s nearly 5:00 PM, and I know there’s a martini with my name on it somewhere.  Sidekick?