The first day of Spring, we had bare earth and sunshine.  We’d had a Super Moon the night before, spectacular in the extreme. The harbingers were positive, but by the afternoon of the second day of Spring, Maine was up to its old tricks, and this morning, this is the scene from my back door.  We pay for every good day we get up here. This would be why we have summer people instead of spring people.  No fools they.
This is not a black & white photograph.
 Grumpy as these six inches of snow make me, the fact is that there is no real force to this last snow, the roads are clear, and it will be gone in a day or two.  But in the meantime…

I’ve been on jury duty, which means that I’ve been back in the flowered courtroom.  Back to regular posting in a few days, as soon as I’ve caught up on deadline projects.