Mainers love to decorate for a holiday—especially by mid-winter, when everything looks drab and faded.   So, it was a pleasure when I went to the market on this gray morning  to notice how many houses on my street were decorated for Valentine’s Day, and I snapped these pictures to share with you. 

Two large Valentine’s Wreathes on the Market set a festive mood for Valentine’s day.
As do the Valentine’s Wreathes decorating the handsome old houses up and down the street
My particular favorite is this elegant Valentine’s garland, created by an adored friend who never met a holiday she doesn’t want to decorate for
I especially like these red model dorys filled with Valentine’s greenery.  I don’t get the hearts in the window though.  What’s that about?

Okay, you’ve probably guessed by now that many of us here Down East don’t rush to take down the outside Christmas decorations—though only a couple of people still have lights up.  One of those doorways might even be the Dilettante’s own.  We’re free spirits up here in Maine.

Happy Valentine’s Day—may it be filled with love and big boxes of chocolates.