Dear Faithful Readers:

I came to WordPress, where you are reading this,  with my blog because I was having some problems with features on Blogger, the original home of The Down East Dilettante,  for a few days.  Tech support is non-existent at Blogger, and WordPress has several features I like very much.   However, just as I was getting set up here, the Blogger problems resolved and I continued to write on blogger and import here, maintaining two sites, having accidentally split my readership.  Now the importer here is not working properly, and I cannot get posts from blogger to import , and their tech support has been no help, so those of you following me here have missed the three latest posts (assuming you care, of course).

So, my experiment in having two blog homes is officially over, and I am remaining on Blogger only from now on, and hope that those of you following me here will forgive the inconvenience, and re-sign up at , where I promise to stay and not wander again, as I start the second year of The Down East Dilettante.



PS, Some eye candy from upcoming posts in a shameless attempt to lure you back to my other home