About three weeks ago, something caused pictures to not upload from Blogger on my laptop. They simply won’t. I can upload from my office computer, but of course when I’m at work, I’m not blogging, but rather—surprisingly—working. Work, as we all know, can be distracting, and definitely interferes with fun, blogging for example.

I suspect the culprit is some new anti-spyware installed on my laptop around the same time as the uploading problem began. My laptop is otherwise configured pretty exactly like my office desktop. Blogger, of course has no direct live help—-‘help’ is ‘community based’, and two pleas for help have only turned up other people with the same problem, no one with workable solutions. I have ventured deep into my anti-spyware settings to try to find the source, and I have googled myself silly trying for an answer–well, okay, I was silly before the googling, but you know what I mean.

So, lately, there has been no posting pictures and writing about them as I get up in the morning.

Most tiresome.