While trawling old architectural magazines in search of Maine material, I came across this delightful little building built in 1922 for the Hincks Brothers Bank in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I could find  nothing about the building or its current status.  

The architect, John Skinner, received his M.Arch from Harvard in 1921, so this must have been one of his first works, and what an impressive debut.  It is clear that he was following what was going on in England with Lutyens, Blomfield, and the rest of the modern revivalists.   I’d move my banking here just for the pleasure of conducting my financial affairs in such stylish surroundings. (This comes at a moment that the Bar Harbor Banking & Trust company is doing a really, really REALLY  badly designed remodel to their branch in our village, so it especially resonates with me this week.).

I don’t know much about Skinner after this building.  He went on to become dean of the Architecture School at Georgia Tech, and there the trail ends.  Here though, it’s clear that he knew how to play with traditional forms, and had a feeling for texture and materials, much in the tradition of Delano & Aldrich and Harry T. Lindeberg.

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