The Driveway Gate

Last weekend’s post about Vizcaya brought some marvelous comments and emails, and so I will do two more posts of these early photos of the dream palace created by James Deering and his talented designers.  This post is a quickie intermezzo—the next post will bring the sublime courtyard and jaw dropping interiors when they were brand new old.

Approach to house from circular court at junction of drives

One of the comments on the last post led me to the excellent blog for Vizcaya’s gift shop, which includes many interesting early photos and informational bits about this most wonderful place, definitely worth checking out.  Here is the link:

And here are the pictures.  The color photos are from National Geographic, November, 1950, when Deering’s nieces still owned Vizcaya, which became public property three years later, and the black and white photos are from the first published photo shoot of Vizcaya, from Architectural Review, July, 1917.

 So maybe keeping a gondolier on staff was a bit much…..

This photo of the barge terrace is also a good example of why 
we are in so much trouble as libraries continue to de-accession
primary materials for scanned versions of uncertain quality.

Toward the yacht landing from the house terrace, flags snapping in the breeze

South Facade, grass terrace steps, service building to left

Gate to Service Yard West side of terrace

The balancing wall of the orchid garden on the east side

The North facade, with entrance to the billiard room and bowling alley in Basement