A Novice blogger has many things to learn, and my lesson this morning is not to dive into large subjects too soon.  I’m exhausted from the three post tour of the Stotesbury’s Down East hideaway and hope you all haven’t run away in fear of my next house tour.  I’m about to re-read Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, and will practice concision, concision, concision.  I promise, for your sake and mine, the next house tour is a five room gem way down east, and we’ll get it neatly under our belts in one post
In the meanwhile, in case you haven’t entirely tired of Mrs. Stotesbury, variously the mother-in-law of General MacArthur and Doris Duke, here she is skewered as Mrs. Dukesbury by the incomparable Margaret Dumont in the Marx Brothers 1938 romp At the Circus.